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About Kenneth Bingham

Kenneth is a security-oriented systems and software developer with a deep-rooted preference for open source and open standards. His journey into the world of systems began with the ethos of open information sharing, exemplified by the open-source community.

Kenneth is a proud maintainer for the OpenZiti project, a renowned software framework for distributed overlay networking. His active engagement with the OpenZiti community is evident through platforms like GitHub, Discourse, and YouTube.

Beyond his professional realm, Kenneth is an aficionado of sound art, sound design for film, and music production.

Driven by the expressive power of software, Kenneth is dedicated to minimizing barriers to entry into the tech field. He achieves this through effective communication and mentorship, fostering a welcoming community of learning and growth.

Looking ahead, Kenneth is inspired by Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem. He firmly believes that the cloud-native tool chain represents the future of software-based systems, and he is ardently adopting and mastering these tools, both personally and professionally.