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A "hella" is informally one metric octillion (1027) which is what you might call a large number if you're being particularly subtle about it. It was formally rejected by SI, but some non-biological entities like Google Assistant and Wolfram Alpha will convert units to hellas if you ask nicely .


 gpg --recv-keys 0xB69403FA957C5E46

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CloudFlare DNS for Network Manager

CloudFlare provides a performant recursive nameserver along with a promise to never surv

Fly.io Programmable Front-end

In short, a programmable cloud delivery network (CDN) aka front-end like Fly.io is an API by which to configure the logical edge of an application stack. Fly.io

How I Reclaimed Storage Space in Google Photos By Moving All My Videos

There's no easy way to find and delete a particular file or type of file in Google Photos, and there's no way to bulk delete with a tool or even the API. Here's