updated Sun 02 April 2023 by Ken


I've pinned a few repositories to my GitHub profile.


OpenZiti enables connectivity-as-code with edge networking SDKs and tunnelers, adaptive mesh fabric, and a programmable control plane with attribute-based access control policies.

You can connect with the OpenZiti community on Discourse and GitHub.

Ansible + Stacki

Stacki is an API for configuring bare-metal hosts. These Ansible roles configure the Kickstart server and cluster parameters for the newly-provisioned metal.

I gave a talk about this at StackiFest '17.

ShufflePad Sound Machine

Continuously play sound effects separated by a random amount dead air on a Raspberry Pi (more).


I have and look forward to participating in future projects with Tautology, a playful arts collective focused on interactive installations.


I am fascinated by FM synthesis and digital signal processing and I occasionally get busy in Bitwig to produce original acoustic and electronic music. Here's one with Ethereal vocals by Alexandra.

Sometimes I Mixxx techno.

Spotify (alt)


I frequently contribute to open-source projects and post side projects of my own on Github.

CloudFlare DNS for Network Manager

CloudFlare provides a performant recursive nameserver along with a promise to never surv Programmable Front-end

In short, a programmable cloud delivery network (CDN) aka front-end like is an API by which to configure the logical edge of an application stack.

How I Reclaimed Storage Space in Google Photos By Moving All My Videos

There's no easy way to find and delete a particular file or type of file in Google Photos, and there's no way to bulk delete with a tool or even the API. Here's